This program is used for the ICOM IC-7000. You can edit all the setting and write it to file for later use. It’s not designed to control the radio during the normal ops. 
For further info about the functions see the screenshots.
There is now a well written documentation for this program, provided by Jim, K5LAD. Thanks a lot Jim! It is zipped together with the program file, or you can read or download it separate here.
Use the default address for the IC-7000 $h70 and the port you can configure using the menu.
Here is also a Linux version provided, which I haven't tested.

New in ver. 1.1
    Read/Write all settings together from/to the radio
    Load/Save all settings together from/to default
    Load/Save only one Memory Bank from/to file (For easy exchange of Banks)

New in ver. 1.2
    Delete complete bank with two mouse clicks
    Import/Export from memory files from IC-746PRO
    Bug fixing with RX-sub tones and bank intermixing (Tnx AB1DD & W0TUP)

New in ver. 1.2.1
    Frequency restrictions removed

New in ver. 1.2.3
    Support for WFM mode added

New in ver. 1.3
    Save settings as text file for printing        
    Documentation included

New in ver. 2
    Real Time Control added. Please read the attached  text file for further info.

New in ver. 2.1
    Other algorithm to communicate with the radio used, more reliable 

Download Mac OSX Version (1.3.1)
Download Windows Version (1.3.1)

Download Mac OSX Version (2.1 Beta)
Download Windows Version (2.1 Beta)
Download Linux Version (2.1 Beta)
RUMtrol7000 for IC-7000

Version 1.3.1 21-Mar-2007

Version 2.1 Beta