This program is used for the ICOM IC-746PRO, or here in europe better known as IC-7400.You can edit all the setting and write it to file for later use.

For further screenshots click in the picture.

There is no documentation yet, I think it is selfexplained. Only few words to the slider at the button. Move it further to the right, when you get communication failures via the serial port. For my G4@1.33Mc Powerbook I use the default. On a Pentium4@3.4Mc under Windows I set the slider to the center.

Use the default address for the 746 is $h66 and set your COM port using the ‘Preference’ menu.

New in vers. 1.1

•RTTY Twin Filter On/Off added

•RTTY Filter Width added

•RTTY Filter On/Off added

New in vers. 1.1.1

•Bug with Menuitem in German fixed

•Two missing files added

New in vers. 1.2

•Memorylist supports now Drag and Drop for reordering

•Cut, Copy and Paste possible for memorysets (internal clipboard)

New in vers. 1.3

•User has now control over the COM-port (Baudrate, DTR, CTS, Xon)

•Preference file inplemented

New in vers. 1.3.1

•Bug fixed. When selecting USB Datamode LSB Datamode was set in the TRX. Thanks Mark, N5RFX

New in vers. 2.0

    •Files are saved  to a default location

    •Exchange of memory files to/from IC-7000 possible

    •Similar handling like RUMtrol7000

    •More options for the COM port to support more interfaces

    •Mac Version is now as Universal Binary

New in vers. 2.0.1

    •Frequency restrictions removed

Here is also a Linux version provided, which I haven't tested.

Download MAC OSX Version

Download Windows Version

Download Linux Version

RUMtrol746PRO for IC-7400/746PRO

Version 2.0.2 31-January-2007